daniel penge

designing responsible products that shape behaviors for a viable future


Supplying Citizens with an adaptable site furnishing


the terraces at 3 world trade center


Re-envisioning the classic picnic table for urban use


the assemblage at 17 john street

94 North 3rd 1.jpg

94 north 3rd brooklyn terrace


applying a closed-loop, systems thinking reapproach to the nyc metrocard


providing fashion designers an insight on sustainability’s best practices


designing to consider secondary functionality


splay dining set


bow bench collection




offering adjustability to outerwear



Daniel Penge is a designer and educator whose work merges responsible decision-making with manufacturability.

Currently, he works as a design associate with a custom site furnishings fabricator, where he develops outdoor products for large scale landscape architectural projects. His work can be found on the terraces of the Bank of America Tower, 3 World Trade Center, and within the public gardens at Hudson Yards.

Recently, his 6-person collective Circular City Objects won the Nike Circular Innovation Challenge, hosted by IDEO.




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